The Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) provides above standard technical and operational support role in acquiring all business support systems used in San Beda College Alabang. It is in-charge of upkeeping the in-house IT, Communication, and CCTV Infrastructure of the school . SBCA currently possesses 2 high-speed internet systems.

Recently, the Office had established a service ticketing system to provide a more organized way of delivering service to its clientele. A feedback mechanism system to evaluate the quality of its services will soon be available.


The Office is in-charge of the ICTS core services, which includes but not limited to the following general classifications:

  • PC Technical Support

  • Email System Support

  • Core System Support

  • Network System Support

  • Telephone and CCTV Support


The ICTS Ticketing System is a locally developed Windows Client Application that documents all service request made . The ticketing system serves as a service request scheduler. Request are made through phone calls or direct request (ICTS field personnel) . Both are logged for proper documentation. To document a new request the following information will be recorded

  • Date Requested

  • Person Requesting

  • Email Address and Location

  • Work Rational

  • IT Personnel Assigned and Category

    (PC Technical Support, Email System Support, Core System Support, Network System Support, Telephone Services)

The system is equipped with employee’s database which consists of their employee Id, full name, and their email address to facilitate ease in recording . The IT helpdesk staff is the one responsible to email (built-in emailing system) the client for the said request and to indicate the status of the request, whether it be Pending, Cancelled, Accomplished. In this system, email is used for feedback mechanism. Once the request was done, client must send a reply via email to the IT helpdesk to validate if service was accomplished.

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