Message of Rev. Fr. Gerardo Ma. De Villa, OSB

Dearest Bedans,
People’s feelings should be respected, especially in this time of grief. I want to assure everyone that the school always has your best interest foremost in mind and sincerely cares about your welfare. For this reason, all students and staff that need time at home to process the trauma that has befallen us all are to be excused from Monday, February 13, to Wednesday, February 15, in the same way as those who stayed home yesterday, February 10, are excused. All academic work for those who wish to be in school from February 13 – 15, should not be disadvantageous to those who are at home.
As your Rector, I sincerely apologize for everything that may have caused you pain in the wake of the unfortunate events, and I urge everybody to be guided by charity in thought, word, and deed. I pray that the virtue of charity in us may reign over the grief and disappointments – and even anger – we are going through, and may we all emerge from these experiences more resilient in facing life’s traumas.
That in all things, God may be glorified!
Fr. Gerardo Ma. De Villa OSB

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