School of Law

San Beda College Alabang opened the School of Law in June 2005 as an extension program of San Beda College Manila (now San Beda University). In 2007, it was granted an autonomous status by the Commission on Higher Education.

The School of Law library acquires, organizes, arranges legal materials, and makes said materials available for use of law students, faculty members, alumni, and the Benedictine community. Some of the interesting features are the following:

Individualized cubicles for reading privacy.

Specialized discussion rooms for law students and reviewees equipped with TV’s and writing walls

Collaborative Learning Hub, an area for large crowd discussion and collaboration equipped with Smart TV and writing walls

Coffee Hub, a well-decorated and ventilated area that provides a relaxing space for law and graduate school students and reviewees


It contains a rapidly growing collection of legal books and materials such as reference materials, statutory law, case law / jurisprudence, treatise / annotations / commentaries, textbooks, etc. Books in great demand or upon request of the faculty members are placed at the Reserved Section.
Periodicals in print and online are also available. E-Journals in the online databases can be accessed through the link provided in the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).
Lex Libris
This is a series of legal publications
This is an online collection of Supreme Court Decisions from 1901 to the present.
The SBCA digital library powered by ODILO contains eBooks audiobooks, podcasts, and videos. 


Monday to Friday – 7:00 am – 5:00 pm



Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

OPAC provides access to the library collection’s author, title, subject and physical description of the library materials, e-journals, and available online educational resources.

Online Circulation of Library Materials

Students can borrow and renew library materials through their Destiny Library Manager (DLM) account.

Reader’s Advisory Service

Librarians and library staff guide and assist students in data gathering needed for their research.

Virtual Library Orientation

A brief lecture on regulations, services and facilities available in the School of Law library is conducted.

Current Awareness Service

Faculty members and interested students are provided with a bibliography of newly acquired materials.

Digital Reference Service

Library provides accurate and instant answers to reference questions through chat, email, and social media.

Database Searching Assistance Service

Library offers instruction and assistance on access to subscribed online databases, Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), and other multi-media and web-based facilities.



Each student is required to have a valid school ID and a Destiny Library Manager (DLM) account to enjoy borrowing privileges. The lending of ID and sharing of a personal account to others is strictly prohibited. For new students, a copy of the registration form or any proof of enrolment and another valid ID will suffice.


The general collection of books are covered by the following rules:

  •   A maximum of five (5) books may be borrowed at a time for five (5) days subject to renewal if not in demand.

      Overdue book/s will be subjected to a fine of Php 5.00 per day. Unsettled accounts may mean curtailment of borrowing privileges and/ or non-signing of clearance.

  •  For SBCA-Digital Library powered by ODILO, a maximum of 3 eResource can be borrowed and it will be automatically removed from your account upon the expiration date. 


Lost, damaged books or any library materials should be:

  •  Reported immediately to stop the accumulation of fines

  •  Replaced by the borrower with the same title and author. A fee of Php 50.00 shall be added as a processing fee


Reserved, Reference books and periodicals are for “Room for Use only.”


 Books borrowed during final examinations should be returned a day after the last day of the scheduled exam.


Library users are expected to:

  • Wear a face mask and face shield

  • Observe social distancing

  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly 

  • Observe proper cough etiquette

  • Bring your own ballpen


  • Through phone, SBCA Law Library FB Messenger, or email 

  • Please follow the pick-up schedule from Monday to Friday only

Book Request Time
Pick-up Time

8:00 am – 10:00 am

10:00 am – 12:00 nn

10:00 am – 12:00 nn

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

12:00 nn – 3:00 pm

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

8:00 am – 10:00 am of the next library day

  • Book requests every Friday from 3:00 pm onwards may be picked up on a Monday of the following week from 8:00 am – 10:00 am only

  • Reservation of book/s will be made through Destiny Library Manager (DLM) only

  • Books are to be picked up at the SBCA main gate *(Only students ages 21-59 yrs old can pick up the book/s. Those who are not allowed may authorize a representative. An authorization letter and the borrower’s ID together with the representative’s ID will be required)

  • The staff will request the borrower to present his/her ID for verification

  • To prevent the transmission of COVID-19, the staff will take a photo of the borrower’s/ representative’s ID together with the book/s borrowed. This will serve as the receipt of the transaction

  • Failure to pick up borrowed materials on the given schedule without any notification from the borrower will mean forfeiture of the request

  • Bring your own bag for the borrowed book/s

  • There are TWO ways on how to return the books:
    • Personally
    • Through a courier of your choice, which we highly recommend. The cost and necessary arrangement will be the responsibility of the borrower
  • Whichever mode you choose, all books will be received at the main gate. A book drop box is available at the reception area.