Enrollment Procedure

Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Procedures

Online enrollment is done through an internet-enabled computer or gadget. Please be guided by the following enrollment procedures.

1. Log in to your i-enroll account by using your login credentials.


2. Acknowledge the Finance Policy Agreement.

3. Click the appropriate Academic Year (AY) on the Main Screen and proceed to update your Student Registration Information. Revise if necessary.

4. Confirm the Student Registration Information and click “SAVE and PROCEED.”

5. For Integrated Basic Education Department (IBED/Tech High), fill out the Parent Information Form, and once entries are reviewed/updated, click “SAVE and PROCEED.”

6. The subjects/courses for the current semester/year are pre-loaded on the I- enroll system. Review your subjects/courses before clicking, “SUBMIT.” College students/transferees must ensure that advising has been completed with their Department Chair before enrolling.

7. Select the preferred mode of payment and preview/print the Payment Schedule and click “SUBMIT ENROLLMENT.”

8. Once done, pay the assessed fees through the following payment channels:

SBCA Onsite Payment

Monday – Thursday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

For Check Payments

Payee: San Beda College Alabang Inc.

SBCA Over-the-Counter Credit Card swiping (Metrobank and BPI only)

Bills Payment (Metrobank, Unionbank and BDO only)

Click here

Online Credit Card Payment 

Click here

Claiming of Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)
The Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) contains the list and schedule of courses enrolled for the current academic year. It will be available for claiming on the specified date issued by the Office of the Vice Dean.
For IBED/Tech High, your EAF may be claimed at the Registrar’s Office.

Adding/dropping is also referred to as “adjustment” for late enrollment or revision of the previously selected courses/sections during enrollment.
For IBED/Tech High School, any request for adjustment in sectioning or shifting to a different strand must be coursed through the Principal/Vice Principal.

For undergraduate students at the College of Arts and Sciences, adding/dropping is facilitated by the Chairperson of each department. Transactions regarding regular or special adjustments are done on the specified schedule before the start of classes.