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The Bedan Journal of Psychology   ISSN -2244-5382

2017 Volume 1
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Mga Karanasan ng mga Kababaihang Umiinom- Abano, Princess Sarah G. & Castronuevo, Eva A.

Perceived Parental Perfectionism and Self-Criticism among Female College Students- Amon, Gillian Lily M. & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima V.

The Experiences of Filipino Young Adult Victims on Dating Violence- Antiquera, Ma. Patricia C. & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima V.

Kasal-Sakal: Alitang Mag-Asawa- Balba, Ma. Francilia Q. & Castronuevo, Eva A.

Parenting Behaviors as Predictors of Narcissism- Barbin, Jan Alyanna N. & Ocampo, Rodelando 

Religious Values in the Altruistic Behavior of Catholic School Graduates- Calpo, Jasmine & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima V. 

Ingratiation: Shaping Your Career Path -Colobong, John Stephen & Castronuevo, Eva A.

Effects of Self-Talk on Performance Anxiety-  De Guzman, Francine Georgina DdR. & Ocampo, Rodelando

Levels of Moral Intelligence Virtues and Wisdom Development among Selected Filipino Working Adults- Deriada, Desi & Ocampo, Rodelando

Psychosocial Predictors of Intention to Stay in their Job among Special Education Teachers- Evangelista, Kristine Joy T. & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima V.

The Roots of Empathy Deficits in Machiavellian Individuals -Flores, Jean David Miguel L. & Cuason, Sherwin U.

Development of Student’s Scale for Anti-intellectualism- Fortuno, Renz Carlo DS. & Cuason, Sherwin U.

Weight Teasing in Children: Weight, Sources, Aggression, Anxiety, and Coping Strategies- Francisco, Giancarlo D. & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima V.

The Association of the Frequency of Family Meals to Family Members, Suicide Ideation and Depression Scores of Filipino Young Adults- Francisco, Maria Leonisa G. & Cuason, Sherwin U.

Concerns and Plans of College General Education Professors on the Implementation of K-12 -Fuentes, Dominic Anne B. & Castronuevo, Eva A.

Online Gaming and Self-Dehumanization among Female College Students- Gilbuena, Justin Jourle Y. & Castronuevo, Eva A.

Maximizing Learning Process: Improving Performance Through Pre-lecture and Post-lecture Quizzes -Gonzales, Jathniel R. & Castronuevo, Eva A.

Narcissism, Delay Discounting, and Urgency as Factors Affecting Impulse Buying in Males- Lagman, Candice Thea S. & Ocampo, Rodelando

Music Preference and Personality Type of Selected Asian Students-  Maningas, Alexander Roger S.  & Castronuevo, Eva A.

 Profile and Experiences of Full-Time Employees on Binge-watching -Masiglat, Xanthe Celina T. & Castronuevo, Eva A.

 Disordered Weight Control Behaviors among Obese Filipino Adults- Obeso, Nathaniel Ray Martin R. & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima V.

 Perceived Parental Rejection and Work Achievement of Lesbian Adults - Pamiloza, Mary Anne T. & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima V.

 Role to Play: Examining the Player Experiences of Dungeons & Dragons-  Paulino, Marinela Y. & Cuason, Sherwin U.

 Risk Factors as Predictors of Time Spent in Online Games among Filipino Females Talabis, Dale Lemuel V. & Ocampo, Rodelando

 After the Academe: Lived experiences of Working Adults Diagnosed with ADHD Tayag, Ramon Marco & Cuason, Sherwin U.

 Cognitive Exercises and Mental Flexibility among Senior Citizens-  Tesorero, Precious & Ocampo, Rodelando

 The Experiences of Young Heterosexual Men as Victims of Street Harassment - Valencia, Trisia Jeun G. & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima V.



2016 Volume 1

Dental Aesthetic and Self Confidence among Filipino Adolescents - Alarcon, Glen Paula & Ocampo, Rodelando

Positive Feedback and Self-Regulation among Maritime College Students- Almasol, Shaira Joy P.& Rodel Ocampo

Selfie Behavior and Narcissism among selected Females- Amurao, Rowena Marie & Castronuevo, Eva

Role Reversals: Guidance Counselors’ Coping Strategies and Professional Help Availment- Baniqued, Eryzhell Mhai & Castronuevo, Eva

Levels of Self-Monitoring, Self-Expression and Selfie behavior among selected Filipino Youth - Cedillo, Mary Joyce & Ocampo, Rodelando

Dual Language Fluency and Math Word Problem Performance of Selected Students - Cruz, Martin Vince & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima

Emotional Intelligence and Conscientiousness as Predictors of Organizational Citizenship Behavior - Garcia, Angelo & Ocampo, Rodelando

Comparison of Text Messaging and Intimacy Level between American and Filipino teenagers-  Llanes, Jeff Marvin & Castronuevo, Eva

Relationship of Moral Intelligence and Competitiveness of Children in Political and Non-Political Families - Macatugob, Roshelle & Ocampo, Rodelando

Facets of Parental Involvement and Exposure in Career-Related Activities to Career Indecision among Adolescents - Magallanes, Angelika T. &  Eva Castronuevo

Pet Ownership and Online Porn Use- Magbitang, Loren Albert S. & Ocampo, Rodelando

Image Color Manipulation and Levels of Prejudice - Maglasang, Nathan & Balmonte-Alonso, Juli-Ann

Effectiveness of Nonverbal Communication Modification on the Leadership Performance of Introverts - Mariano, Anthony Miguel C. & Ocampo, Rodelando

Selfie taking techniques and Body image of Adolescents -Perez, Beatrice & Ocampo, Rodelando

Emotional Awareness and Eating Behavior of Obese People -Villano, Michaela S. & Castronueva, Eva 



2016 Volume 2

Filipino Family Experiences in Caring For Children with Down syndrome - Alcantara, Alicia Karen & Castronuevo, Eva

Dilemma Experiences of Lesbians in Reconciling Religious Belief with their homosexual behavior: A Grounded Theory Approach- Concepcion, Tessa & Alonso - Balmonte, Juli-ann

Perception of Parents on Children's Use of Gadgets-  De Lima, Lorenzo & Castronuevo, Eva

Resiliency Experiences of Heart Disease Survivors and their Family Members - Dulguime, Sarrah Mae & Alonso- Balmonte, Juli-ann

Life without Limbs: Acceptance, Perspectives and Social Support-  Duran, Bianca Dia & Alonso - Balmonte,Juli-ann

Experiences of College Dropouts with Successful Corporate Industry Careers - Enriquez, Maria Gracel & Alonso - Balmonte, Juli-ann

Pananaw ng mga kalalakihan sa Konsepto ng Seenzone- Laput, Jethro & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima

Perspektibo ng pakikiuso sa materyal na bagay at sa pag-uugali ng ilang mga kabataan sa Baguio City - Macaraeg, Grace Anne & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima

The Experiences of Tattooing Among Selected Filipino Young Adults - Ocampo, Karen Mae & Castronuevo, Eva

Experiences, Perceptions, and Discrimination among Bisexuals- Ocampo, Kristel Anne & Alonso-Balmonte, Juli-ann

Kapit-galit: Pagpapahayag ng "galit" ng mga Bikolano sa kapitbahay- Pasatiempo, Weana & Castronuevo, Eva

Common Mental Health Problems and Treatments experienced by College Students in Metro Manila -Pineda, Miko Alberto & Alonso-Balmonte, Juli-ann

The Disney Princess Charming: The Insights of Young Women on Empowerment - Purisima, Catherine Marie Beatrice & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima

Kulay ng balat: Katutubong Pananaw ukol sa kagandahan ng balat ng mga taga El Nido Palawan -Remigio, Jan Aina & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima

Karanasan at Konsepto ng Panata ng Kapistahan ng ilang Pamilyang Pilipino sa Lucban, Quezon -Reyes, Krista Angelica & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima

Current Career Status of Selected Former Varsity Volleyball Players -Ugalde, Eula & Castronuevo, Eva

Experiences and Morale of a Basketball “Benchwarmer” - Yabut, Allen Christopher &  Rodel Ocampo

Perseverance, Experiences and Motivation of Single Mothers to Finish College - Yang, Alyssa Marie & Bullecer, Ma. Fatima

Experiences of Selected College Students on Sexting - Yee, Joelle Colleen & Castronuevo, Eva


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