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LAW411 – Criminal Law Review

A general review of the Revised Penal Code with its latest amendments, and the interpretative decisions of the Supreme Court as well as the other relevant penal statutes. Cases, recitation, and lectures: 6 hours a week – 6 units.

LAW412 – Constitutional Law Review

A thorough review of the political laws of the Philippines, including a general survey of Constitution of the Philippines, Administrative Law, Law on Public Officers, Election Law, and Public Corporations. Cases, recitations and lectures: 5 hours a week – 5 units.

LAW413 – Civil Law Review I

A general integration of the principles in civil law covering the effect and application of laws, the law on human relations, Persons and Family Relations, Property, Ownership and its Modifications, the Different Modes of Acquiring Ownership, Including Succession. Pertinent provisions of special laws and Rules of Court are also reviewed. Cases, recitations and lectures: 4 hours a week – 4 units.

LAW415 – Legal Medicine (with Practicum IV)

An overview of the principles relating to medico legal cases, the study of ballistics, questioned documents, forensic chemistry, voice print identification, polygraph, fingerprints and other related subjects, including the procedure of presenting and examining a medical or other expert witness. The course also includes population education. Recitations and lectures: 2 hours a week – 2 units

LAW416 – Labor Law Review

A general review of all laws affecting labor standards and labor relations. Cases, recitations and lectures: 2 hours a week – 2 units.

LAW417 – Practice Court I

Training on the preparation and drafting of complaints petitions, answer, motions, briefs and other pleadings before tribunals, and the art of effective oral advocacy. Recitations and lectures: 2 hours a week – 2 units