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LAW319 – Business Organization 2

A study of the Corporation Code or the law governing private corporation. It includes the Securities and Exchange Commission. Cases, recitations and lectures: 4 hours a week – 4 units

LAW320 – Evidence and Trial Technique (Pre-Law311, Law214)

A course which looks into the rules of presentation, admissibility, and weight and sufficiency of evidence, including burden of proof and presumption. Integrated with it is practical instruction in the preparation of cases and trial briefs before actual trial of cases, both civil and criminal. It includes practical suggestion on effective methods and gathering the facts of cases, the formulation of the theory of the case, search for legal authorities, construction of pleadings, interview of witnesses and examination of witnesses in the course of the trial, with particular emphasis on Section 1 to 19, Rule 132, Rules of Court. Outstanding cases illustrating the effective and efficient utilization of procedural rules in enhancing successful litigation are analyzed in detail and, where appropriate, hypothetical cases are presented for solution by the students. Cases, recitations, and lectures: 4 hours a week – 4 units

LAW314 – Taxation 2 (Pre-Law313)

A study of the concepts and generals principles of transfer specific, business, percentage, VAT, amusement, and miscellaneous taxes provided in the National Internal Revenue Code, including general principles on tariff and customs duties. Cases, recitations and lectures: 3 hours a week – 3 units.

LAW321 – Special Proceedings and Special Civil Actions

A study of rules on settlement of estate, wills, letters testamentary and administration, encumbrance of property of decedent and escheats; General Guardians and Guardianship; Trustees; Adoption and Custody of Minors; Hospitalization of Insane Persons; Habeas Corpus; Change of Name; Voluntary Dissolution of Corporations; Absentees; Cancellation or Correction of entries in the civil Registry. The course also includes a study of the Rules of Court and jurisprudence governing special civil actions. Cases, recitations and lectures: 3 hours a week – 3 units

LAW322 – Problem Areas in Legal Ethics

A course aimed at examining and resolving specific problems which may confront lawyers and judges in the exercise of the profession. Cases, recitations, and lectures: 2 hours a week – 2 units.

LAW323 – Legal Forms (with Contract Drafting)
Pre- Law119, Law211, Law225, Law212, Law213, Law220, Law219, Law215 and Law223.

A course which trains students in the drafting of various legal documents and deeds. Training on practical skills of drafting commonly used contracts, how to avoid litigation, as well as how to fully express and protect the true intent of the parties. Lectures, readings and practical work; 2 hours a week – 2 units.