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LAW311 – Civil Procedure

The rules of civil procedure involving basic principles of jurisdiction and procedure in civil cases and provisional remedies. Cases, recitations and lectures: 5 hours a week – 5 units

LAW312 – Succession

A detailed evaluation of the law on testate and intestate succession, including wills, institution of heirs, computation of legitimes of compulsory heirs, disinheritance, and partition and distribution of the estate. The cours also takes up rules of procedure on the settlement and administration of the estate of deceased persons. Cases, recitations and lectures: 4 hours a week – 4 units.

LAW313 – Taxation 1

The general principles of taxation and statutory provisions on income taxation, including pertinent revenue regulations. Cases, recitations and lectures: 3 hours a week – 3 units

LAW315 – Labor Relations

A survey of the laws implementing the rights to self-organization and collective bargaining, including the laws relating to strikes, pickets, and lock-outs. Cases, recitations and lectures: 3 hours a week – 3 units

LAW316 – Torts & Damages

An analysis of the law on quasi-delicts as well as the nature, classes and extent of damages. Cases, recitations and lectures: 2 hours a week – 2 units

LAW317 – Legal Counselling

An introduction to the art and technique of legal counseling as well as a consideration of the responsibilities of the lawyer as counselor. Lecture, readings and practical work: 2 hours a week – 2 units

LAW318 – Law on Intellectual Property

A study of the laws on Trademarks, Patent, Copyright and Intellectual Creation. Cases, recitations, and lectures: 2 hours a week – 2 units