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LAW119 – Obligations & Contracts

An in-depth study of the nature, kind and effect of obligations, and their extinguishment; contracts in general, their requisites, form and interpretation; and defective contracts, including quasi-contracts, natural obligations and estoppel. Cases, recitations and lectures: 5 hours a week - 5 units

LAW113 – Criminal Law 2 (Pre- Law112)

A comprehensive appraisal of specific felonies penalized in Book II of the Revised Penal Code, as amended, their nature, elements and corresponding penalties. Cases, recitations and lectures: 4 hours a week - 4 units

LAW115– Constitutional Law 2

A comprehensive study of the Constitution, the bill of rights and judicial review of acts affecting them. Cases, recitations and lectures: 3 hours a week - 3 units

LAW120 – Legal Writing

An introduction to legal writing techniques. It involves applied legal bibliography, case digesting and reporting analysis, legal reasoning and preparation of legal opinions or memoranda. Lectures, readings and practical work: 2 hours a week - 2 units

LAW121 – Legal Ethics

A course that focuses on the canons of legal ethics involving the duties and responsibilities of the lawyer with respect to the client, the court, the bar and the public. Cases, recitations and lectures: 2 hours a week - 2 units

LAW122 – Legal Philosophy

A study of the main currents of jurisprudential thought; the material and ideal views on the nature of the law; the significance of the law as a means of social control; and the problems and perspective deemed significant together with the nature of the solutions advanced affecting the social structure. Recitations, readings and lectures: 2 hours a week - 2 units

LAW102 – Seminar 2 ( SBC Requirement)

This course deals with encountering Christ in the sacraments of the Church as His continuing presence in the world. It deals expecially with the sacrament of marriage. Recitations, readings and lectures: 1 hour a week - 1 unit