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February 29, 2012, a day filled with anticipation and tension, turned out to be a momentous occasion for the San Beda College Alabang – School of Law community. It was a day of many firsts: the first set of barristers hurdling the Bar under the name and seal of SBCA – SOL, the first time the young law school secured a place on the topnotcher’s list, and the first time it numbered among those institutions with the highest passing percentages, a close third behind San Beda College Mendiola and Ateneo de Manila University. This year, SBCA - SOL boasts of forty-three (43) new lawyers and an 89.58% passing rate.


At the forefront of this impressive showing is 64 year-old Rodolfo Q. Aquino, who graduated as valedictorian of SOL Batch 2011 and took 10th place in the 2011 Bar Exams with a score of 83.7275%. “Tito Ding”, as Aquino is lovingly called, has also earned two Ph. D degrees, four master’s degrees, and 12th place in his CPA Licensure Exam.


Tito Ding only learned of the good news through a simple phone call, but he feels happy and “relieved that it’s over.”

This triumph took years in the making. “I had planned to be a lawyer when I was younger,” he shares. He had begun taking up law before enrolling at SBCA – SOL, but was unable to finish his studies due to financial constraints. With encouragement from his wife, Helen, he eventually decided to come back for what he had left behind. Age was never an issue; he chose to pursue law again “while I could still talk, read, write… still (be) of some use in the country.”


With much pride, Tito Ding advises students to “Choose your law school well.” He further recommends that they start preparing from day one and read their books at least three times.


Mrs. Aquino is at his side throughout the interview, beaming with joy. “I’m so happy for him,” she says. “I knew he would pass… There was no doubt.”


The present is bright, but the question of the future looms: until when does he plan to work? “Until I drop,” he laughs. Is it too late? He says, “(I have) no regrets in the life I have chosen.”


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