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The Student Activity Program provides opportunities for learning to take place inside and outside the classrooms. It coordinates all student activities to develop individuals who are truly Christian in principle, Benedictine in orientation and Filipino in Character. The program is classified in two categories:

  1. Co-curricular activities complement the school’s academic program. They are organized and supervised by the subject area coordinators in consultation with the Prefect of Activities and subject area teachers. Among the co-curricular activities are the following:
    1. Christian Values Education
      Children’s Liturgy
      Sacraments (Holy Eucharist/First Communion/Confirmation/Reconciliation)
      Bible appreciation
      Recollections and Retreats
      Outreach Program
      Involvement in church related

    2. Communication Arts (Language and Reading)
      Spelling Contest
      Essay Writing Contest
      Extemporaneous Speech
      Poem Recitations
      One-act Play
      Educational Trips
      Reading Congress

    3. Communication Arts (Filipino)
      Parada-Buwan ng Wika
      Mga Patimpalak sa loob at labas ng Paaralan
      Patimpalak Sanaysay
      Madamdaming Pagbasa
      Sabayang Pagbigkas
      Sanyugtong Dula-dulaan
      Biglaang Talumpati
      Dulaang Panradyo
      Pagbigkas ng tula
      Aklatang Pagkukuwento
      Masining na Interpretasyon
      Pagsulat ng Balita/Pangulong Tudling

    4. Science and Technology
      Science Quiz Bee
      Computer Quiz Bee
      Exhibits and Field Trips
      Science Camp

    5. Mathematics
      Mathematics Teachers’ association of the Phils. (MTAP)
      Mathematics Trainer guild (MTG) International contest
      Math Fun Day
      National Super Quiz Bee

    6. Social Studies
      Independence Day Celebration
      Peace Rally
      Peace Camp
      United Nations Day Celebration
      Quiz Bee
      Human Rights Symposium

    7. Work Education
      Cooking contest
      Lantern Parade and Contest

    8. MAPE (Music, Arts and PE)
      Field Demonstration
      Art Contest/Workshop/Exhibit
      Dance Festival
      Sports Tournament

    9. Co-curricular activities outside SBCA
      Students are encouraged to participate in activities outside the school
      for the purpose of allowing them to test their competencies and provide
      valuable opportunities for growth. Among these activities are out-of-school
      competitions, conferences, symposia, seminars etc.   

  2. Extra-curricular activities are those which complement and form an essential support of the academic program. They are organized and supervised by the Prefect of Activities. Among the extra-curricular activities are the following:
    1. Interest Clubs
      Pupils are encouraged to pursue their interest and enhance their skills
      through membership in duly recognized clubs and organizations. They
      are required to attend club meetings every Friday. The club offerings
      are the following:

    2. ABBEY PALYHAUS (7-14)               JUNIOR BEDAN (ENGLISH L9-14)
      ART (L3-14)                                  JUNIOR BEDAN (FILIPINO L 9-14)
      BADMINTON (L11-14)                   JUNIOR COUNSELORS (L11-14)
      BAND (L7-14)                               JUNIOR GIRL SCOUT (L7-14)
      BARANGAYETTE (L-14)                  KAB SCOUT (L3-8)
      BEDAN NEWS BLITZ (L9-14)         KIDDIE CHALLENGE (L7-8)
      BOY SCOUT (L9-14)                     KIDDIE FUN CLUB (L5-6)
      CAN DO (9-10)                             KIDS FOR THE WORD(l9-10)
      CHESS (L7-14)                             MATH GOOGLE (9-14)
      COMPUTER (L9-14)                      PHOTOGRAPHY (L9-14)
      COOKING (l3-14)                          STAR SCOUT (L3-8)
      DANCE (L3-6)                              TENNIS (L9-14)
      DRUM & LYRE (L7-14)                 TRECS (L7-14)
      EARTHSAVERS (L5-14)                 UNESCO (L9-14)
      I LOVE LUCY (L7-14)                     YOUNG SCIENTIST (L9-14)

    3. Educational Outbound Program (EOP) – Field Trips
      The annual outbound education is held to supplement classroom
      activities. In coordination with the private organization called Lakbay
      Kalikasan, the facilitators provide varied opportunities and activities to the
      pupils from L1-14. However, the Nursery field trip is handled by the
      administrators and advisers on a half-day basis only.

  3. Other Activities

    1. Leadership Trainings
    2. Orientation Program
    3. Feast of St. Benedict
    4. Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)
    5. Sto. Niño Celebration
    6. Nutrition Month
    7. Recognition Day
    8. Graduation Ceremonies
    9. Scouts Investiture
    10. Family Day
    11. Teachers’ Day
    12. Candlelight /ceremony
    13. Southschool Consortium