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Dynamic Linkages and Continuing Network 

In line with our thrust to mold immediately employable graduates, the CAS provides direct work experience with industries, particularly the information and business sectors. Skilled personnel of different companies are encouraged to teach. In turn, we offer contracts and other advisory services. We find extreme relevance in forming alliances with local and international educational/research institutions and professional/civic organizations. Networking comes in the form of research outputs, faculty/student exchange programs, common use of expensive or rare technology, voluntary travel tours with approved program of studies for credits, and the like. 

Our latest linkage with the Asian Institute of Management-World Bank Knowledge Center gives our faculty and students the competitive edge in terms of research facilities and resources. The CAS is also proud to offer extension courses in our general education curriculum to foreign educational institutions such as the American College of Dubai in the Middle East. Other international partnerships are currently being worked out to enrich our educational mission.