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A Young College with a Long Tradition

On July 10, 1972, San Beda College Alabang, known then as Benedictine Abbey School, opened as the first non-graded private school in the Philippines. With a starting population of 78 pre-schoolers, the school expanded to include a high school department in 1977 and a tertiary department in 1995 which led to a decision to adopt the name St. Benedict College. 

SBC upholds the same mission inspired by its patron, St. Benedict of Nursia, 1500 years ago, that is to provide and pursue an education attuned to the signs of the times – hence, a constant seedbed for witnessing Christ’s presence in the world through prayer, work, study and community life. In school year 2004-2005, another milestone was reached with the historic decision to adopt the secondary name of the institution as its official name: San Beda College Alabang. The move was in response to the growing clamor of the school’s stakeholders to give a face to its well deserved identity as a Bedan school. The change of name was meant to demonstrate the continuity of the Bedan tradition in Alabang that was first implanted in San Beda Manila in 1901.