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Teacher Certificate Program is a comprehensive 30-unit certificate program that provides a sound theoretical foundation on professional education courses which are required by the Commission on Higher Education and the Professional Regulations Commission to fulfill requirements for licensure exam. It is specifically designed for aspiring non-education degree holders who wish to pursue a career in teaching in the academe.

The program equips students with appropriate competencies, skills, cognitive, social, and psychological characteristics needed for effective teaching, classroom practices, and managing student learning. It also prepares students to become Licensed Professional Teachers through Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

Teaching Certificate Program consists of eighteen (18) units of Professional Education, six (6) units of Field Study and six (6) units of Practicum and includes the following courses: principles of the teaching profession, child and adolescent development, educational technologies, curriculum development,  techniques of teaching as well as the measurement, evaluation and assessment in student learning, experiential learning courses (field Study 1-6), and practice teaching. The program blends phases of inquiry, lecture, observation, simulation, reflection and other experiential learning activities.

The students who complete the program receive a Certificate of Completion, Transcript of Records and qualified to take the Board Licensure Examinations for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) .


Schedule of Classes: Classes are held on Saturdays at the Our Lady of Montserrat Building.


General Admission Policies


1.Student applicants who are interested to study at San Beda College Alabang are required to undergo the admission screening process which provides the Board of Admissions with data to determine acceptability of the students.


2.The Board of Admissions shall evaluate student applicants based on the following;

a. Results of Entrance Examination given by the SBCA Admissions and Testing Center, performance during the interview, if interviewed and/or approval of the letter of intent to pursue Teacher Certificate Program.


b. Student Academic and Discipline Appraisal (recommendation) from either class adviser, guidance counselor, former teacher, discipline officer and/or any person of authority of the institution where the student last attended.


c. Clearance “fit to enroll” obtained from the SBCA Medical Services Department (Clinic)


I. Eligibility for Application


Students in teacher certificate program are non-education bachelor’s degree holders.


II. Admission Procedure

1.Submit completely/properly filled up application form together with other required admission documents at the Admissions and Testing Center, for verification and initial evaluation. (A list of testing dates is posted online by the Student Admissions and Testing Center. Admission forms and checklist of admission requirements can be viewed and downloaded at San Beda College Alabang website at


2.Pay the non-refundable admission application fee of PhP200.00 at the cashier window, Finance Department. Cashier’s office hours are from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, weekdays and 8:00AM to 11:30, every Saturday.


3.Present the official receipt to the Admission Staff in-charge of your application for the issuance of SBCA entrance examination permit for the issuance of Notice of Admission Status and Medical Endorsement Form.


4.All qualified and accepted students will be endorsed to the SBCA clinic for medical examination.Prepare the required medical documents before proceeding to the SBCA clinic for medical check-up: chest x-ray result and film taken from external reputable hospitals/Laboratories. Clinic hours are from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, weekdays and 8:00AM to 11:30, every Saturday.


5.If “fit to enroll”, proceed to the Admissions and Testing Center for the issuance of enrollment procedures. Please prepare enrollment requirements as indicated in the enrollment guidelines issued by the Registrar’s Office.


For more information, please call the Student Admission and Testing Center at 236-7222; 236-7200, loc. 1080 or 2310 or at 809-7047 or send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Teacher Certificate Program Brochure (PDF)